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Our strategic levers to breathe Immobel’s vision to Real Estate German market.

FOCUSING on historical segments

German activities are forming part of the continuation of Immobel’s strategy concentrating on the office, residential and hotel sectors, along with the development of mixed use projects,

INVESTING in equity

The German subsidiary will take advantage of the excellent financial health of the Group to rapidly secure projects and invest according to market opportunities.

INVESTING with third parties

Immobel aims to use its know-how to create value for the Group as well as for other investors and is looking for further reliable investment partners in Europe. Joint Ventures business model is a key driver for growth and will play an increasingly important role at Immobel on both the equity and project sides.

INNOVATING to make sense

A different approach to the property market will be Immobel Germany's trademark. To bring in this breath of fresh air, innovation will be at the heart of every project developed. It will focus on:

  • the design, construction and architectural quality of the properties, by systematically questioning the social and environmental impact of the properties and their integration with the urban fabric,
  • the legal and financial arrangements,
  • uses by offering services that correspond to the new aspirations of users, and by designing buildings that evolve over time to satisfy different uses during the same day and throughout their life cycle.